Our Whole-body Balance Approach:

Our Whole-body Balance Approach

Our understanding of the immense complexity of the biological processes concurrently active and inter-communicating within the human body is quickly expanding. We now realize, that even the most common daily distress and imbalance episodes encountered by healthy people: fatigue, concentration problems, tension, sleep quality, moderate alcohol consumption, etc., involve dozens of natural factors, receptors and biological processes. During the past few decades, science attempted to provide a broad-spectrum remedy to every healthcare imbalance using a single active molecule. Unfortunately, in some cases, this approach did not prove itself sufficiently effective. In recent years, the multi-system, whole-body remedy approach is quickly gaining traction and a growing crowd of both scientists and healthcare professionals are advocating such broad-spectrum solutions. CUUR® is amongst the first to adopt this powerful approach and is amongst the global evangelists in this quickly growing space.

Our Micro-encapsulation Technology

Our Micro-encapsulation Technology

Your ideal remedy would be highly effective and tastes great. Yet, botanicals, vitamins and minerals are mostly foul-tasting and unpalatable. Therefore, most of the supplements you are familiar with come in capsules and tablets. The problem is, that an effective formulation frequently involves the equivalent of 15 – 50 capsules and tablets in a single sitting. Would you be willing to swallow it ? Most probably not. We have developed a game changing, foul-taste-isolation, micro-encapsulation technology, which effectively coats foul-tasting active ingredients. This technology allows us to incorporate in our liquid formulations high and effective doses of active ingredients, while keeping a pleasant taste.

The Underlying Independent Science – The Basis For An Effective Formulation

The Underlying Independent Science

Prior to the development of the first CUUR® formulation, we spent close to 5 years in reviewing the discoveries in thousands of independent scientific research papers (PubMed®). In the first phase, we mapped all the body systems, biological processes, factors, co-factors and receptors impacted, directly and indirectly, by alcohol consumption. The result: a well-defined list of organs and biological processes in your body which need to be replenished and recovered in order to restore proper all-body balance and homeostasis. The second phase was to identify and map, all the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) natural ingredients, which have been scientifically demonstrated to effectively replenish and recover all the alcohol-impacted mechanisms identified in Phase 1. The outcome: a science-backed multi-target formulation, ready to enter a series of human trials for fast-acting balance and recovery from moderate alcohol consumption.

Extensive Human Testing

Extensive Human Testing

In these human experiments along a 5-year period, we tested and validated the safety and effectiveness of the formulations we developed. In addition, a significant number of these experiments was focused on developing and optimizing a pleasant consumption experience. of the formulation, which incorporates a high dose of powerful yet unpalatable natural actives.


CUUR® is developed by an in-house team of pharma scientists and formulation experts with a vast experience in micro-encapsulation science and technologies. We operate internal R&D and analytical labs, enabling us to develop and test sophisticated controlled and sustained release formulations prior to entering human trials. Our R&D innovation is focused on the delivery of high-dose, foul-tasting actives in liquid formulation, an area which has been neglected by both pharma and dietary supplement manufacturers.

Pharma-class GMP Manufacturing

CUUR® is manufactured in a pharma-class GMP facility registered with the FDA. We are using several micro-encapsulation optimization and multilayered coating technologies, which require best-in-class manufacturing equipment rarely found in the dietary supplements industry. This enables us to maintain the consistency and high quality of our commercial formulation.


We invest significant, uncompromised efforts in identifying and qualifying a select list of manufacturers of natural actives across the globe. These efforts enable us to consistently deliver high-quality standardized ingredients responding to rigorous technical specifications and quality control requirements.

Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)

Our QA/QC lab is always very busy and not in vain. Each of the standardized natural ingredients incorporated into the CUUR® formulations first undergoes rigorous analytical inspection and validation prior to hitting the manufacturing floor. Then, every intermediate manufacturing product – one of 8 distinct processes – undergoes similar analytical testing. Our final packaging, prior to shipment to the customers, undergoes both analytical and bacterial clearance. We continuously operate to improve our QA/QC system, to ensure potent, safe and consistent products.